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Nutavut Ratanakarn

An international classical guitarist in Thailand, Nutavut Ratanakarn has been giving concerts, and master classes in Austria, England, Italy,Israel, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein,Malaysia,Mexico, Russia and Thailand. He given concert , masterclass and jury member of many international guitar festival, including Moisycos International Guitar Festival (Italy),Kasetsart Guitar Festival, Bangkok International Guitar Festival ,Thailand International Guitar Festival, Magnitogorsk Festival( Russia),Guitar Gems International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition (Israel), Malaysia International Guitar Festival (Malaysia).

He is currently the director of Bangkok International Guitar Festival, Thailand International Guitar Festival and president of Bangkok Guitar Society. He was a prize winner in Thailand International Guitar Competition 2003, Thailand Classical Guitar Competition1999, and Thailand Yamaha Competition 1998 and1999.

He has 4 records, "the Art of Spain", "Guitar Recital", "The Rhythm of Love' audio CD, and "Live concert in Korea" DVD Video by Alma Guitar.

He graduated with first-class honor from Kasetsart University majoring in Classical Guitar Performance. He also received diploma from "Ligita"(Liechtenstein) and "Wien 2004". He participated in master classes with Alvaro Pierri, Eduarado Fernandez, Costas Cotsiolis, Paulo Bellinati, PavelSteidl, Konrad Ragossnig, William Bower, Phillipe Villa, Jorgos Panetsos,Alessio Monti, Jury Clormann, Gareth Koch, Tomas Offermann, and Jozef Zsapka. He began his formal guitar lesson at 17. His principle teachers are Santi Sequerkawe,Tawee Maneecharuthat, Vidhaya Vosbein, Kamol Adshariyasart, and LeonKoudelak.

In 2008 Benard A. Aaron , Canada composer, dedicated piece “Butterfly in the meadow” and “Hungarian Dance” to him sehr beeindruckend und mit viel technischem ….." Verterland Post (2003)

" Sehr sicher und sensible …." Volks Blatt Post (2003) " Young Virtuoso …." Siam Guitara (2003)

"A young progressive and highly talented musician . . ." Siam Guitara (2005)
" Breathtaking. He played such a difficult pieces with ease " Alma guitar societies member, Choondo Kim (2006)

“fantastic Talent player and interpret music” Bernard A. Aaron ,Canada Composer

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