martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Michael Lorimer

Michael Lorimer is one of the most talented guitarists of these times and is
the one that I appreciate the most… He follows the order of the heart rather
than the order of the intellect.

" ANDRÉS SEGOVIA, New York, April 22, 1984

Michael Lorimer, a favorite protégé of Andrés Segovia, caught the attention of American audiences in the early 1970s through tours arranged by the great impresario Sol Hurok.

His popularity soon extended beyond the shores of America. He was the first American guitarist invited to perform in major cities of the USSR in 1975 and was received with such enthusiasm that he was immediately re-engaged for a 1977 tour.

He has appeared in Israel, throughout Europe, on most major North American recital series, and with the orchestras of Atlanta, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Louisville, New Orleans and San Francisco.

Lorimer's command of an extensive repertoire is unique. His concerts reflect his enthusiasm for music of many periods and styles and often combine traditional classics, Americana, new works he has commissioned and seventeenth- and eighteenth-century guitar music performed on a baroque guitar.

In addition to concerts, he gives master classes at North American universities and conservatories from coast to coast. He is an engaging spokesman in demand for experimental programs in arts presentation.

In television, USA Public Broadcasting (PBS) has presented a special, "The Artistry of Michael Lorimer". In publishing, the "Michael Lorimer Edition" now numbers over thirty volumes.

Away from music, Michael reads ardently on an expanse of subjects: from sciences to arts. In 1973, he played a benefit concert for the Hereditary Disease Foundation and for the past twenty years he has also been involved with the U.S.A.–Venezuela Huntington's Collaborative Research Project.

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